MPS C4 Diving Gas Booster Expedition

£2,857.00 +VAT

Dimensions: 55x48x73 cm

This particular version allows filling six cylinders simultaneously, while the operator dows not need to be present, because this model offers an automatic shut-off at the desired pressure. It was designed for groups of CCR divers, for diving centers, Liveaboards and special forces

  • the system is placed in a waterproof case with handles and wheels for easy transport
  • the booster is switched on and off automatically
  • it provides an adjustable switch-off pressure
  • the oxygen inlet pressure can be controlled
  • the final oxygen pressure can be checked
  • the air supply pressure can be adjusted
  • the decanting speed is adjustable
  • 3m stainless steel hose
  • the filling bar can be placed inside the case
  • a pressure reducing valve for air supply is included in the case and placed with long connecting hose (3m)
  • this model can be delivered with all types of connections for all types of tanks
  • for every output, there is a check valve

Weight: 18kg (without booster)

Technical data

Pressure ratio: 39/1
Drive air: 5-10 bar
Piston stroke: 1 x 120 mm
Displacement: 1 x 38 mm
Max boost pressure: 340 bar
Min suction pressure: 5 bar
Min pumping speed: 15 cycles/minute
Max pumping speed: 110 cycles/minute

Weight: 21 kg

Dimensions: 46x36x18 cm

Adjustable pressure reducer, with hp pressure gauge and lp pressure gauge
2x180cm hoses, made of double-braided stainless steel for added security
1x din connections with valve opening, the drain knob and pressure gauge
1x din connections with oxygen filter inside
The case itself is waterproof to protect the oxygen-clean equipment
Digital gauge is also available

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